reserve Camp only!Lodging from the day before is free in weekend



About lodging

Q Can I bring my pet with me?
Bringing your family pets are allowed at FBI.
However, pets must be on a leash and should not be left unattended. We may ask the owner to remove barking or vicious dogs from the campground.
Always keep your pets inside a cage when using our cabins, tipis, and tents. Please do not release your pets inside our facilities.
Q Is campfire / bonfire allowed?
Campfires are allowed in all open campgrounds at any time. Do not leave your fire unattended. You are responsible for keeping fires under control.
Q Is there a “lights out” time at FBI?
There re no “lights out” time at FBI.
However, Please do not disturb the peace of other campers.
Q Are there any baths / showers ?
Showers are available 24 hrs.
We don’t have any baths, but there from spas within a short driving distance (15 min.)

About rental & sale

Q Can I buy drinks, alcohol, snacks at the campsite?
You can buy drinks, alcohol, and take out most of the items on our cafe / bar menu.

About usage fee

Q Can I use my credit card?
We accept cash or credit cards.
Q How can I pay my cancellation fee?
You may pay at the front desk or via wire transfer.

About restaurants & bars

Q Can I bring my own food / drinks to the cafe/bar ?
Unfortunately, you can not bring your own food/drinks to the cafe/bar which includes take out items that you have purchased at the cafe.