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Check in
… 15:00
Check out
… 11:00
Late check out
… 18:00

※Please be advised that late checkouts may not be available.
※Please be advised that an extra 1,100 JPY will be added to
your bill for anti-COVID virus cleaning / sterilize reasons starting from May 8.

Cabin for up to 3 people


  • Double bed x 1

Meet the new tiny cabins that has just joined the FBI AWAJI family: ”RHYTHM” & “BLUES”. The twin cabins look alike from the outside, but has different featuresinside: “RHYTHM” has flat floor low style, where “BLUES” has a comfy sofa style. The two cabins are right next to each other, so up to 6 people can stay if both cabins are booked. Compact but cozy, just like a little hideout. An open wooden deck with a sun screen tarp, table, chairs and a BBQ grill. Enjoy BBQ feeling the gentle breeze.

Cabin for up to 4 people


  • Double bed x 2

The small size cabin with a fish scale roof is the “FRISBY” cabin, which s located near the cliff. The deck comes with a red barbecue table and a hammock with a nice view of the beach.


  • Double bed x 2

“LUCY MAY” is a cozy cabin located in front of the sea side area. The palm trees brings out the “resortness” which matches the beautiful sea view from the front deck.

Cabin for up to 6 people


  • Double bed x 2

“BILLY” is located right next to the beach house, comes with a full kitchen, refrigerator, cooking ware, and tableware, so you could just bring your food and start cooking easily. We also have an American standard sized BBQ grill and a dining table where you could enjoy BBQ on the deck.


  • Single mattress x 6

We have the pink “CANDY” cabin for guests who would like to spend their time in low-style sofas or tables. Inside the “CANDY” there is a cushion sofa where you could relax, and has a hammock set on the deck with a wonderful view of the beach. We also have a low dining table which comes with a grill where you could enjoy BBQ on the deck.


  • Double bed x 2
  • Single mattress x 2

The cabin that has a unique roof is the “PEANUT” cabin which is located in the sea view area. “PEANUT” has a high roof and comes with 2 double-sized beds and a set of sofas. The 2nd floor loft space has small window with a nice view of the beach. The deck has a Barbecue Grill Set (grill net, tongs) and a dining table for 6.

Cabin for up to 10 people


  • Double bed x 4

“Moomin” is the largest room with 4 double sized beds, located in front of the sea-side area. Maximum of 8 people can enjoy the room and which included a loft space, as well as the main dining table located on the outside deck.