reserve Camp only!Lodging from the day before is free in weekend





Check in
… 15:00
Check out
… 11:00
Late check out
… 18:00

※Please be advised that late checkouts may not be available.
※Please be advised that an extra 1,100 JPY will be added to
your bill for anti-COVID virus cleaning / sterilize reasons starting from May 8.



☆No bedding

The 18 wooden pole “real” tipi is imported from Sweden (not sold in Japan). The tipi has a wooden floor covered with colorful carpets and a fireplace installed in the center of the tipi to keep you warm. It also comes with a DIETZ oil lamp to keep the room lighted up. A tarp is set in front of tipi with a large table, grill, and chairs where you could enjoy BBQ.



  • Double bed x 2

BARBA PAPA and BARBA MAMA are both located at the high end of the main field where you could see the beautiful sea from each deck space. The sunset on a sunny afternoon is outstanding. Both high class cotton glamping tents are located close to each other , so we recommend renting these 2 in case of a large group.


  • Double bed x 2

BIG BEN is located in side the deep forest area. Enjoy your relaxing time inside the forest listing to the birds and feeling the fresh air.


  • Double bed x 2

The CAPTAIN is located in the forest area behind the cafe. You can feel the cool air even on a hot summer day. The shower station is located very close to the site and you can park 2 cars right next to the site.


  • Double bed x 2

LOVELY is located in the forest area. Rather compact but comfy and has a private upstair deck where you can enjoy you camp time. Good for small group of people and couples.


  • Single Bed×2

The VERANDAH is located near the main entrance around the main field.
Comes with an observation deck where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and unbelievable stars. Also comes with a hammock under the observation deck.

Portable Draft Beer Server Rental Service

Limited offer for guests staying at our cotton tent sites.